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Silvia Lemus visited msbb during her stay in Majorca for “Converses Literàries a Formentor” organized by Basilio Baltasar. Carlos Fuentes had been awarded the Formentor prize of the letters in 2011, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this distinction. The widow of the great writer gave her friends Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu the book "Carlos Fuentes and the United Kingdom", by Steven Boldy,  Fondo de Cultura Económica editions, 2017, and dedicated her book " Tratos y Retratos ", Fondo de Cultura Económica editions, 2013.

In 2012 the UNESCO recognized the serie "Tratos y retratos" as documentary heritage, by incorporating it into the "Memory of the world" program, which seeks to promote and protect the documentary collections of the planet in any of its manifestations.


Silvia Lemus interviewed Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu at Sa Bassa Blanca Museum (msbb) for Channel 22.


On the photo: Silvia Lemus, Yannick Vu, Ben Jakober and José Tono Martínez director of the Museum (msbb).

Im Norden Mallorcas bei Alcudia, ein wenig versteckt und eingebettet in ein Naturschutzgebiet, liegt das Museum Sa Bassa Blanca.
msbb - Museum Sa Bassa Blanca


Museo Sa Bassa Blanca

Fundación Yannick y Ben Jakober