Msbb and Majorca have lost a friend and artist;

Juan Luis Buñuel died on December 6th in Paris at the age of 83. Son of Luis Buñuel, the versatile Juan Luis, renowned film director, was also a photographer, writer, painter and sculptor. In 1984, he exhibited his sculptures in Palma at the Privat Gallery directed by Brigitte Barrier and during his stay at Sa Bassa Blanca he befriended the Jakobers. Thanks to this meeting, Sa Bassa Blanca Museum exhibits three of his works:“Juan Luis with cane" a self-portrait, "Head of a woman", "Sandy's dog"- Alexander Calder’s dog. The great American artist who taught him sculpture when he was living in New York. . As he said: "friends are the most important thing in life, if you have lots of money, but do not have friends, life has no charm".

On the photo: Ben Jakober and Juan Luis Buñuel on msbb terrace with a work by Ben Jakober "We are not Alone", Summer 1984.


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