Rose garden

Rose garden
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Designed by Yannick Vu, featuring more than one hundred varieties of Old and English roses

Sa Bassa Blanca garden is conceived as a "Hortus Conclusus" or medieval garden, a walled-in space that combines decorative varieties with a Herb garden. Some of the different Roses that are flowering in May in the garden are: Cymbeline, Honey Dyson, Winchester Cathedral, Celsiana, Blush Damask, Heritage, Baroness Rothschild, Sally Holmes, Constance Spry, Phyllis Bide, Dorothy Perkins, Souvenir du Docteur Jamain, Iceberg, Docile, Chaucer, William Lobb, Jacques Cartier, Charles de Mills.

On the following images, the varieties of the roses are from top to bottom and left to right:

-Jacques Cartier, Wife of Bath, Celsiana, Constance Spry

-Cymbeline, Blush Damask, Baroness Rothschild, Sally Holmes

-Président de Sèze, Honey Dyson, Graham Thomas, Charles de Mills


Located in Alcudia, Majorca, Spain, Sa Bassa Blanca Museum (msbb) is a museum fully integrated in a Protected Area declared Wildlife Sanctuary.
msbb - Sa Bassa Blanca Museum


Museo Sa Bassa Blanca

Fundación Yannick y Ben Jakober

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